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Briana Period 5 Beowulf Essay The Great and Mighty Beowulf sailed his way to Hrothgar’s kingdom to help fight off vengeful beast terrorizing his kingdom, little did he know of the adventures ahead of him. Each battle he fought glorified his strength and being. For Beowulf opening up one door always meant a new quest. From dragons to sea witches Beowulf’s fought for the greater good of his people. Through out his battles the great and mighty Beowulf not only grew physically, but at mind as well. Beowulf’s battles are glorified and have a significant meaning in his past battle, but he will be the great and mighty Beowulf on his next encounters. The battle with Grendel, he fought the hideous monster to stop the terror, but also meant preparation for what was coming. Grendel’s mother was seeking revenge and it she was a tougher monster to battle. Grendel’s mother terrorizing Herot needed to be brought to an end. The great Beowulf won the battle and those monsters that once terrorized were dead and Beowulf was glorified. King Beowulf crowned for defeating the monsters met himself in another battle with a dragon where they both die but he was still glorified and was to be known for his superhuman strength and his battles. Beowulf was on a quest to meet a challenge and stop the torment that was going on for twelve years, because of Grendel. He won the battle and succeeded on his quest. After, Grendel was killed his mother started seeking her revenge which put him in a new quest to finish off with Grendel’s mother and be done with there kind. He battles her and kills her what a relief so they thought. After some time a dragon who was angered because some thiefs decide to steal some of his treasure. He didn’t fail any of his battles but

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