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Essay of Literature “Beowulf” Beowulf is the first great work of the English national literature, with more than 3000 lines; this epic story has passed from generation to generation, becoming a masterpiece of the Anglo-Saxon culture in our day. This epic history since 1950’s had many film adaptation, the most recent was the one filmed in 2007 by the director Robert Zemeckis, although its movie has many differences with the poem, is the most similar to the poem in other aspects . From the beginning of the movie there are some differences; for example, in the poem Grendel, the monster of Herot, attacks at night while everyone is sleeping, in the movie, Grendel attacks while everyone has fun and is singing. Another think I recognized is that in the movie when I saw Grendel I really felt sorry for him, because for me in the movie he was like a boy, he is humanized during the film and in the poem he is just evilness, he is a monster and my feelings for him was of hate, so we can see here that movies adaptations change details from the original stories so the viewers don’t get bore and sometimes can give another plot to the whole story. A big example of this is that in the poem after Beowulf tear off Grendel’s arm, he dies in his lair and his mother, looking for revenge, goes to Herot, take Hrothgar’s friend and take his son’s arm that was hung high from the rafters. Beowulf, decided to kill Grendel’s mother and with a sword made by the giants he killed the monster cutting her head. In the movie, Grendel’s mother goes to Herot and killed all the men of Beowulf and never takes his son’s arm; before Beowulf goes to the lair of the monster, the film shows that Grendel was son of King Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, after he slept with Grendel’s mother, something that in the poem never appear. When Beowulf was on the monster’s lair, the creature seduced him with her

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