Beowulf Essay

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When reading the epic of Beowulf many specific details lie in the text and seem to be seeking some type of further analytical reading. From page to page and even line to line the challenge of what is real and symbolic is drastic. Quotes in the book can be construed, taken, and challenged on so many levels. I chose to specify on three different parts of the text and challenge the portrayed meaning into, what I thought was, the symbolic and emotional meaning. I chose the three battles between Beowulf and Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the Dragon; when reading these sections I felt that so much emotional and symbolic weight lied behind the battles and was showing gradually Beowulf expressing human traits as to his warrior like ways. It wasn’t until re-reading and discussing the battles between Beowulf and his challengers that I felt and saw so much more meaning lying behind the actual text. Although Beowulf versus Grendel seems to be of the simplest, I feel it was the start to something meaningful that would be returned to many times throughout the text. When Beowulf is sent to conquer Grendel the reason is already known, to pay off his father’s debt. Also though I feel that Beowulf is at fighting a battle of morality, I see this least in this battle but feel this is where the inward battle begins. It is such an important fight for Beowulf, than the hundreds in the past, and it is showing all of his capabilities, especially to be king. This battle seemed to me that Beowulf was seeking control of himself inwardly and showing not only other what he had the power to do, but showing himself. “…the man overpowering.” (49, line 760), in a simple line like this I saw so much meaning in regards to Beowulf’s emotional state. In this line I felt he was at a point in his “career” as a warrior that he not only has proven himself to be capable of gaining control of the evil in the

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