Beowolf's Last Battle Questions And Answers

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Beowolf’s Last Battle Questions # 1-5 1. I think I would have been very upset if I were one of Beowolf’s subjects. Beowolf protected and saved them from monsters so they looked up to him as a great hero and warrior. I believe to have someone die that you know and look up to very much must have a great impact on you. 2. Wiglaf is a very noble and honorable warrior. He speaks for Beowolf after he has passed by saying that he was a great hero. He is also very honest because he told his men and soldiers that they were cowardly and should be ashamed of themselves because they did not help Beowolf fight his battles at all. 3. Because Beowolf is able to defeat Grendel and his mother but loses his life it shows a great battle between good

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