Beowolf Critical Analysis

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Ashley Thibeault Write Away 10/13/09 period 4 Revenge is a prominent theme in "beowolf". What are your thoughts and feelings about revenge? Is it ever appropriate? Why or why not? Relate a life story or hypothetical scenario to support your opinion. Karma. Everyone has heard of it, plenty have experienced it, and im sure they all don't really appreciate it. Has there ever been a time when you were so mad you just wanted to get someone back? You wanted your sweet revenge on someone who has hurt you in the past. Im pretty positive everyone has had this feeling before. You…show more content…
But in the end did you ever end up doing it? Well i have a whole diffrent outlook on life, i feel as if someone is immmature enough to do something as stupid as play a prank on me or do something to ruin my reputation theres no need for retaliation. They are just planning their own revenge on themselves without even relizing it. I've had my fair share of karma experiences, but then again who hasn't? No one is perfect, you just need to relize who the bigger person is, and in my situation i turned out to be the bigger person. There was a time in 8th grade i went to this little catholic school called Pope John Paul The II , and there was these 7th grade girls who didn't like me or my bestfriend Heather for the most stupidest reason, they didn't like heather becasue she was really good at basketball and they were jelous of her and they didn't like me becasue i was her bestfriend. But thats besides the point, one day after our gym class we all were walking to the lockeroom to change back into our school uniform and heather couldn't seem to find her brand new basketball jacket she bought with the team. We searched the whole lockeroom, threw all the lockers and we even asked our gym coach if he knew where it was and he said he hasn't seen it anywhere. But when we came back

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