Beowolf And Grendel'S Communities

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Community is a social group of interacting people sharing a common geographical location with shared interest and values. Individuals are only important as long as they support the interest of the people. Beowolf's community was a competitive warrior-based society that proves its greatness by conquest. The power of conquest is an essential component to the stability of Beowolf's community. With the conquest, light and joy are brought to the community. This strong leadership brings about a strong community. In contrast, Grendel's community is dark and evil. Grendel was an outcast who could not tolerate the joy and happiness around him. Therefore, his community was the exact opposite of Beowolf's. Beowolf's community is characterized by the abilities to perform heroic deeds and accumulate great sums of treasure. This community aligns with God, light and happiness. Beowolf is the great protector, the strong leader who provides peace and success for his community. When Beowolf fights Grendel's mother, as he delves into the dark depths of the water it becomes brighter and lighter. The light becomes like that light in the sky when heaven's-candle is shinning. As Beowolf rights the wrongs, the community becomes stronger. Beowolf also knows that there is an order and purpose to the way things should be done. Exemplified when he did not become king when King Hygelac died, but became guardian over Hygelac's son to guide the ruling of the country. Then when Hygelac's son was killed in battle, he assumed the rightful place as king. In this community, leaders honor debts and obligations doing what is right and necessary to make it a better place. During this period, one of the worst crimes that demanded retaliation was the killing of individuals in the community. His understanding of personalities made him powerful. He used the fact that revenge was a

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