Beowolf an Epic Hero

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Beowulf an Epic Hero Epic heroes are people who have superhuman abilities or superhuman qualities. Beowulf displayed both of these traits. He was brave, noble-born of his father, he had superhuman strength, he was intelligent, and the values of his people are his as well. He always puts others before himself. I believe Beowulf is an epic hero because he displayed heroic characteristics through out his life. In the beginning, Beowulf decides to take a crew of men over seas to defend Denmark from Grendel, a demon who was slaughtering its people. He made this decision to help them on his own. He fought for and defended these people of a strange land, who could not defend themselves. Later in life he showed his bravery in not quitting and swimming across a sea to defeat Grendel”s mother. After this he is faced with a dragon and still does not back down or give up. This is how Beowulf displayed how brave he was in three key battles of his life. He prevails and defeats all of his foes. Beowulf's father was the king of Geatland. Beowulf was raised as a noble. As he got older, he trained by fighting sea-monsters on his 5-7 day swims with his friend Breca. Beowulf was a very strong person, both physically and mentally. When he set his mind on something he wanted, he always went through with it. An example of this is when Beowulf heard of Grendel terrorizing the people of Denmark. Beowulf organized a crew of men to fight Grendel along side him. However, in the end he defeated him on his own, ripping his arm off in the process. Beowulf was of noble birth but he was also a noble person. He showed how high-minded and determined he was when he continued fighting Grendel's mother and after her, the dragon. He acted as someone of noble birth should act. He always put others before himself. Even when the people in need were not his own people. Beowulf was an

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