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Beowulf The well-known poem, “Beowulf”, shows the characteristics of an epic poem. The qualifications prove that this poem is not only a long narrative story in poem form but also contains the seven characteristics of an epic poem. “Beowulf” qualifies as an epic, and follows with examples of the seven characteristics. Out of the seven, three examples will be given. The epic poem “Beowulf” shows a hero of a high status, has a large scale setting or a long journey, and contains long formal speeches. Beowulf is a great hero with a high status in the epic, “Beowulf”. First, Beowulf helps the Danes conquer the great demon descended from Cain, Grendel. “The hope of the Danes had come to pass—He who came from far had cleansed Hrothgar's hall and saved it from affliction. They rejoiced it that night’s work. Beowulf had fulfilled his promise to the Danes and all the distress they had endured, all the trouble and sorrow, had reached an end” (Beowulf, 25). Beowulf had traveled from afar to help the Danes and became a hero for them. Secondly, because Grendel was dead, his mother was raged and Beowulf once again saved the Danes from yet another monster and demon. She killed Hrothgar’s most trusted man, Aeschere: Hrothgar's best friend. Beowulf traveled down into the deep waters to fight her and kills her with an over average sword made by giants. Beowulf is awarded for yet another save to Herot. Thirdly, Beowulf saves his people, the Geats from an angered dragon which was robbed of gem-covered goblet from a Geat thief. The people were harassed by the dragon and tortured by the fire-breathing beast! “The beginning was fearful to people in the land, as was the ending: death for their king. The fiend spouted fire, burned bright houses-- the glow of fire stood out, a horror to the people. That terrible sky-flier wished to leave nothing alive” (Beowulf, 64). Beowulf

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