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so how do we organisze the selected strategy to improve benz’s strategic position? first of all, we have to introduce work spcecialisation which includes division of labour in the production line of benz. heres an short video on how workers of benz carry out their task in the factory. so as shown in the video, we can see that every work has their own specific task which increases productivity. this will help to increase volume and expansion to meet the target of increasing production capacity. * next, to achieve this target is to organize through departmentalization. Mercedes-Benz USA comprises eleven different departments, including production, selling, financing etc. different departments will help to improve efficiency because every department will have their own authority in decision making. * then we have chain of command as well. The manager of the Mercedes-Benz suggests that each person must have a clear reporting authority to only one superior. this will reduce problems and avoid conflicts of many managers and will help to improve efficiency. * due to the flat organisation structure, a manager in benz will not need to spend as much time supporting individual subordinates, so information can be passed down faster and this will help to save time, and the company can have further capacity expansion in a shorter period * large companies like benz are usually highly centralised. which means that decisions are significant. in benz, less innovation is required and there will be effective implementation of company strategies by upper level managers. this will also enhance decision making on production capacity. * lastly, formalisation is highly used in benz’s organisational function. as seen in the video just now, rules and regulations such as standard operating procedures has to be taken place in the production line. for example, benz will

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