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17 GMM Grammy Public Company Limited Message from Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer Dear Shareholders, The past year 2012 marked important change in the satellite television industry. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has issued licenses to entrepreneurs, including distributors of satellite television set top boxes, satellite television platform service providers, and satellite television channel service providers. Besides, the number of viewers of television through satellite dishes keeps rising. With more channels and better image brightness and contrast than the antenna, satellite television attracts more ad spending. GMM Grammy Group Public Company Limited, a major content producer of the country, has prepared for opportunities for business expansion in a systematic manner, by starting satellite television channel service, which is popular among viewers, and expanding to distribution of satellite dishes and satellite television set-top boxes and provision of satellite television platform service. Throughout the past year, GMM Grammy Public Company Limited has been committed to developing its organization for advancement and solidity and operated business attentively for sustainable growth. With accumulated experiences and operations of 29 years, GMM Grammy has become one of the country’s leading quality content producers, with solid and quality content for long-term use. In response to changes in broadcasting business, the Group has reformed its business structure and divided the Group’s business into two groups, i.e., conventional business which comprises music business, digital business, media business, movie business, creativity and marketing event management business, and animation business; and new business which comprises home shopping business, satellite television business, and digital

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