Bennett’s Machine Shop Case

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Bennett’s Machine Shop 1.) Pat Bennett obviously bases success on profitability. He said in an interview that he was determined to straighten out his business and try to tap into the open markets for engines in Lake Charles so that his business was not so dependent on one facet of the engine industry. Pat wants to take the company into segments of the industry that are proving to be lucrative and in demand like crack repairing, specifically for the often cracked cylinder heads that can easily run up to four hundred dollars each. Also, Pat believes that the aircraft industry could be a wise introduction for Bennett’s. The small firm’s relationship with Boeing continues to grow as Boeing granted Bennett’s level II work which will allow Bennett’s to receive more and higher quality contracts form Boeing and be able to bid on a vaster field of contracts. Pat Bennett is pushing the company in the right direction by diversifying its ‘engine-task portfolio’, which allows the firm to stand on more than one foundation, instead of depending on one business front to support the business and keep Pat and Cheryl out of a trailer home. From the very beginning Pat Bennett put an emphasis on profits and achieved those profits for some time before a market change crippled the business and Pat had to sell off or leverage nearly everything the business and he and his wife had. It is clear that sometimes Bennett’s goes astray and loses its focus as a business but another thing Bennett’s has shown to do is grow and expand. The first year, 1981, that Bennett’s had profits Pat began to buy more properties for extensions of the store and I believe that Pat moving the business into different facets of the engine industry is a very similar expansion. SWOT Analysis Strengths: * The strategic alliance and joint venture with Boeing that recently strengthened and permitted level

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