Benjamin Wynne Case Study

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The Benjamin Wynne Case and how it relates to Millie I. Webb On the night of August 25, 1997 a tragedy occurred. At Louisiana State University a fraternity held a “bid night” party which is held for young men who have decided to pledge a fraternity. The party was held at a local bar, about a block away from campus, called Murphy’s where the current fraternity president currently held a job. The night began with a keg party at an off-campus apartment and then moved to Murphy’s. In Louisiana the law is that eighteen year olds can enter a bar but of course they cannot drink until they are twenty one. Once they were all inside the bar was when the majority of the heavy drinking took place. There were thirty nine pledges in the bar and to fit…show more content…
First of all fraternities are different and are founded on different ideals. With that being said, I believe this fraternity should not base the quality of their new members on how much they can drink. Ultimately Benjamin was the one who chose to put himself in that situation involving heavy drinking and could have removed himself from the situation whenever he wanted to. Fraternities are known for their drinking and partying, but most of it is unseen by the public eye and when tragedies like this occur, fraternities all over get a bad rap. A little social drinking is not a terrible thing, but drinking turns deadly when people treat it as a sport and try to “out drink” others. Or when people drink solely to be drunk and are not happy with themselves sober. Looking at this case from the point of view of a potential fraternity member it saddens me to see that incidents like this actually happen. A big reason why I am attempting to join a fraternity is because of the respect they have shown me and I know they would never put me in a situation that would make me uncomfortable. In the case of Benjamin Wynne I believe he was attempting to join a fraternity for all the wrong reasons and the fact that he chose drinking and wasn’t responsible enough to limit
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