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Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. He was just one of his father’s 17 children. Ben went to South Grammar School for less than two years when he was 8 years old. That was the only education Ben ever had. Ben’s father wanted him to be a clergyman but could not pay for the amount of schooling required. Ben was an apprentice to his brother who owned a printing shop which is where he learned how to print, write, and typesetting. He later became a writer and an inventor and opened his own printing shop. Ben was from Boston, but he always considered Philadelphia his true home. His role in his home state was founding the first library, the first volunteer fire company, the first postal system, and the first college in Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin was a very important member of the committee for the Constitutional Convention. Even though many of his major thoughts and ideas were never adopted, he still remained there and contributed as much as he could when there was an issue. Benjamin Franklin was a greatly important figurehead in American history. He served many different political roles, but many may know him best as the man who discovered electricity and as a famous writer. He was a philosopher, a federalist, and a founding father to this great nation. He did many great things for his state and this country that helped shape America. Many people think that Benjamin Franklin was one of our countries presidents, but he never actually served in the

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