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Benjamin Franklin was a founding father, revolutionary figure, inventor, co-author to the Constitution, husband and father. He was fascinated by al types of learning and wanted to do whatever he could to make life better for mankind. He starts out writing his Autobiography as a writing so his son William, but in the end the book appeals to a much larger audience. The tone of the book changes as well with the introduction of the 13 virtues, it moves from a story of one man’s life to a manual for self-imporvement. W hether Franklin meant for his book to move in the direction of self improvement or was written to tell the tale of his life, the book becomes a model for self help books to come. The book opens with Franklin writing his stories to his son. His intentions for doing so are for his son to use his, Franklins,…show more content…
In the beginning of Part 2 though, with the response from two different letters, Franklin is encouraged to go on with the writings and finish the book. His friend and author of the first letter, Mr. Abel, states, “ I know of no character living, nor many of them put together, who has so much power as thyself to promote a greater spirit of industry and early attention to business, frugality, and temperance with the American youth.” () Benjamin Vaughan writes the second letter to Franklin, he too encourages the finishing of the book. Vaughan tells Franklin that if he does not finish the Autobiography himself someone else surely will , in which case, “ perhaps so as nearly to do as much harm as your own management of the thing might do good.”() He also communicates to Franklin that his book would be a good model for how other people can better their lives. Based on these recommendations and advice Franklin moves forward with the

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