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“Benjamin Franklin: A True American Man” Benjamin Franklin is a man who impacted our country tremendously. He is not only known as one of our Founding Fathers, but also an author, printer, politician, inventor, and statesmen, to name a few. Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, making him the tenth and youngest son in the family. His father prompted him towards the church, but Franklin had opposing ambitions. His personal dreams involved going to sea, but in order to prevent this, Franklin’s father sent him to work for his brothers publishing company. Benjamin Franklin had obtained a huge passion for reading, and began submitting his own writings under a secret signature known as “Silence Dogood”. Since Franklin’s schooling ran short, he gained his education through his continuous readings. As Benjamin Franklin continued to focus his attention towards his career as a printer, he ventured out to Pennsylvania in 1723. While there, he proposed to his first wife and soon after they were married. As Franklin’s life became busy with multiple trips to Europe, a distance from his family soon developed. As a father and husband, Franklin created a pattern of relationships with younger women. I believe that he lost interest in his marriage, and found these other women to be more appealing, both physically and socially. In his autobiography, he describes his wife’s shape to that of a “beer mug.” It states that she was a turbulent and jealous person, and difficult to get along with on occasion. Benjamin Franklin wasn’t highly respected as a great family man, and wasn’t very fond of religion either. He was born of Protestant parents, but somehow never found a strong interest towards a specific religious belief. In his autobiography, Franklin quoted his thoughts on Calvinism, believing it to be “dry doctrine.” He rarely attended Sunday services, devoting

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