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The Art of Benin Works of art from the Benin City. Plate showing four sixteenth-century brass plaques from Benin in the Illustration Book. With close attention to both, discuss reasons why the ownership and location of the art of Benin have been controversial and continue to be so. Benin is the art from the kingdom of Benin Empire lasted an era from 1440-1897, the state located in the southern region of Nigeria. The original people of the Benin Empire were known as Edo, they were ruled by their Ogiso which means the king of the sky. The first European travellers to reach Edo state were the Portuguese explorers in 1485 and the state begun to be known as Benin City by them. Then the first English expedition to Benin was in 1553 and significant trading developed between them based on the export of ivory, palm oil and pepper. In 1896 – 1899 when British troops captured, burned and located Benin City, which brought the Benin Empire to an end. It’s Important to know that, there has been a change in the relationship between Europe and Africa. The Benin’s worth of arts were made in Benin in fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. They were things of great beauty, they were forcibly removed from their origin after the British invasion of Benin I 1899. The sculptures have been taking out of their location and remove the meaning behind them, there are a number of reasons on whether or not they should be returned to their place of origin. It was and it’s where they belong in Benin and not in a European gallery. We want to know the circumstance to how these artefact. Came to be in the western hands, when Benin was conquered by the British, the Europeans perceived the city as a brutal land. The artefacts were a revelation to the Europeans and saw the value for it so they could take it and sell it on for money. They were taken and stolen from their place and a lot of

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