Benifits of Raid Essay

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<BR> So, you’re a power computer user, you want the fastest and newest thing on the market. But that one old hard drive plagues your booth up times and file transfer rates. Sure, you could go out and drop an absorbent amount of money on that 15,000rpm SCSI drive and controller. Or if you don’t have the eight or nine hundred dollars to blow, why not add another drive and put them on a RAID channel. RAID gives you added space, a boost in performance and better data security that no single drive can match. <br> <br> So I’ve got your attention, and you say to yourself, “So, what is this all about?” Well, RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. It basically allows two or more drives to work together as a single drive to share the workload or if your concerned about the loss of data on the master drive you can have it setup to make an image of one drive to another. Although, minor issues are brought about, such as the array can only work at the speed of the slowest drive. For example, if you have two drives one is a 5,400rpm and the other is a 7,200rpm the array can only run at 5,400rpms, bummer. So it is generally best if you get two hard drives of the exact same specs. All of the two RAID formats that I will discuss apply by that rule and each one is good in its own way. <br> <br> RAID 0 or striping is used to take consecutive chunks of information and break it up among the drives in the array. RAID O uses two or more drives and since you have all the drives working together as one you get huge read and write performance. Although with this RAID option you don’t quiet get the redundancy out of it. Its not very widely used among corporations and such, it is basically used for the impatient teenage gamer (Me) to load windows and install that game the fastest. <br> <br> RAID 1 or mirroring is used with at least two drives and

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