Bengawan Solo Case Study

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Bengawan Solo Company Note: this case study will be used in conjunction with the Consulting Assignments 1-8 that your group will need to submit as part of the course work. You are to read this short case of a popular local brand that you should all be familiar with here in Singapore. The consulting assignments are meant to challenge your research and analytical skills in being able to apply relevant marketing concepts to the different problem challenges. You must consult sources such GMID, Factiva, EBSCO Host and other sources in order to research the local industry and identify trends and opportunities. Application of concepts learnt during lectures is vital in developing good quality answers for the consulting assignments. You are NOT to contact the management or staff from the company as the information provided here and the supporting research information that you collect should be sufficient to complete your assignments. The Bengawan Solo Company Sometimes a successful enterprise comes from the most unexpected beginning. Started by its founder, Mrs Anastasia Liew back in 1979, the phenomenal growth of the Bengawan Solo Company (BSC) was born out of necessity rather than by plan. Mrs Liew started baking delicious cakes (kuehs as they are known locally) as a home-maker’s past time rather than as a well-conceived business. She first worked from the kitchen in her flat, supplying cakes and pastries baked from one small oven to friends and supermarkets (without the official health licensing approvals). However she was stopped by a Health Ministry officer who knocked on her door one morning at 8 am, forcing her to move into her first shop just behind her flat. This was to become the first BSC shop now located at Marine Parade. After this tenuous start, Mrs Liew and her company never looked back. The business simply grew and grew to

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