Bengals vs Giants Essay

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Bengals vs. Giants I have always been a big sports girl since I was little, but now I’m more into football than anything. When people pick teams, they usually pick them depending on last season’s stats, and how the team has been doing for the past couple years. Football fans play in fantasy leagues and predict if their players and/or teams will win. I, on the other hand, pick my teams based on the players. So far, my two favorite football players are Marvin Jones, Bengals, and Victor Cruz, Giants. They are both wide receivers, and even though they play the same position, they are very different in a lot of ways. Marvin and Victor grew up on opposite sides of the United States, but they both shared the dream of becoming a wide receiver and being in the NFL. Marvin Jones was born in Fontana, CA on March 12, 1990 and attended Etiwanda High School from 2004-2008. He is 6’3 and is weighs 202 pounds. I have a personal relationship with Marvin since my father was his football coach when he went to Etiwanda, so he was always over at my house going over film and seeing what the team could do to become a better team for the next game. Marvin is a very determined guy and likes helping others. Victor Cruz was born on November 11, 1986 in Paterson, New Jersey. He attended Paterson Catholic High School in Paterson, New Jersey. He is 6’0 tall and weighs 204 pounds. These two football players are close in height and weight but their stats are not that close. Victor Cruz played for the University of Massachusetts from 2007-2009. He had a total of 72 receptions, a total of 1,090 receiving yards, and his longest reception was 69 yards with a total of 11 touchdowns. He was signed to the New York Giants on April 25, 2010 as a free agent. Marvin Jones played for UC Berkeley from 2008-2011. Marvin had a total of 156 receptions, a total of 2,270 receiving yards, and his longest

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