Benefits to Marketing Online Compared to Traditional Methods Essay

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Benefits to marketing online compared to traditional methods Market research information from online enquiries Market research from online enquiries gives the business/organisation more information. They obtain the information and then analyse it for different reasons. Log files and cookies collect information from different sites, like how many people visit their site and/or unique users to a site. But it also tells them how long they stay on their website. Log files are usually produced by all the sites as these are the records from the web server. Registration forms these records help the business to find out who is visiting their site, where there from and what they need. This helps the business provide the right data to help their customers who visits their sites. Online market research this can change depending on the business like it could be a small pop-up icon to questionnaire’s to assess the users online experience to lengthy customer service questionnaires. All of the completed questionnaires get sent back to the business/organisation so they can analyse the data that they have received to see where they are going wrong and where they are going right in the online business. Website activity software this identifies which is the most popular websites to visit and which are losing users as they are ‘bouncing’ (when customers leave the website). Access to new markets There is now new markets where online businesses are getting more customers because they have the internet so can do their shopping on it. People who live in rural areas or Highlands and Islands of Scotland don’t have easy access to shops but because businesses have an online business they are bringing in new customers and making a profit. People who are disabled or ill won’t be able to do their shopping or move about but if they have internet access then they can do their shopping there.

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