Benefits of Running

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Among the many sports, the best choice for exercise is running because of its many benefits. One of benefits is that it prevents people from aging because swimming helps maintain bones and muscles. Bones have play a are very important role to the body, and the secondary lifestyle with lack of exercise such as working continuously with the computer for many hours can destroy bones because it makes them become weaker . To prevent this damage on bones, many people choose running to support their bones and make both bones and muscles become more firmer because when we are running, stress is put regularly on each side of the body. For example, a study conducted in 2000 showed that running might help men reduce cracking of hip bones. Moreover, the study also showed that at the same time, growth hormones are also stimulated while running, which helps people look younger. As a result, these factors prevents people from aging. Another benefit of running is it againsts diseases. The common diseases can be reduced by running are stroke and breast cancer. Stroke is the second most common cause of deaths among women. According to researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the results of their examination with 125 people who had stroke for the first time and 198 people who had never had stroke before proved that despite gender and age, stroke could be prevented by playing some specific sports including running. In addition, many research show that the more physical activities people have when they play high-impact sports, the lower risk of breast cancer they are probably infected . As an illustration, the result of a research on both men and women demonstrated that people who usually had physical activities were 30% or 40% less risk of breast cancer. For this reason, running is the best choice because it is a very high-impact sport. Finally, preventing aging and

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