Benefits of Part-time Jobs

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In the essay, “Students Who Push Burgers”, author Walter S. Minot discusses the negative effects on students with part-time jobs. Minot claims that students who work part-time perform poorly on their academics because they have insufficient time to study for school. In his conclusion, Minot blames student employment as one of the major cause of today’s educational decline. However, I strongly disagree with Minot’s argument that part-time jobs have negative effects on education. In my personal case, not only have I maintained a high standard in academics while working part-time, but also have received many unexpected rewards from my working experience. The amount of homework and difficulty of the materials were very manageable when I was in high school. Therefore I always had a lot of free time after finishing my school work for the day. Fortunately, my mother helped me find an assistant position at a computer store before I could waste more valuable time on dully watching TV every day. I was accepted by the employer because I was familiar with computer components and I was quick at learning new knowledge. In the beginning, I expected that working part-time would be easy because almost anyone could be hired to do it. However, I realized my mistake during the first week when I got into an argument with a customer. I was impatient and rude when the client repeatedly asked some of the questions that I had already answered before. The customer left the store in anger and I was scolded by my manager. From this experience, I learned that being an assistant is not just about providing information, but most importantly I must always respect the customers and everyone else. My next and current job is being a financial advisor at WFG, also known as World Financial Group. After I was recruited by the company, I was personally trained by a professional financial advisor who
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