Benefits of Learning English as Your Second Language Essay

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------------------------------------------------- 1.0 ESSAY TITLE ------------------------------------------------- Benefits of learning English as your second language. According to Krashen, language learning is a conscious process where learners study the language in an organized manner following a programme or syallabus governed by rules of language to produce accurate language that is systematic and formal. A second language is not a native language of a country but it is the language used for certain purposes and by certain people within the country. There are numerous of advantages that can be earned for choosing English language as second language. English language plays an important role as an effective means of communication. Benefits of learning English as second language involve the new opportunities that become available to someone who understands it. So, knowing English can broaden my circle of friends, whether via email or on an online discussion forum. A tremendous number of websites are available primarily in English, and anyone who does not understand the language may have difficulty using them. Even world leaders use English to spread better understanding and friendship among nations. Therefore, English language can help me to spread friendship and goodwill among races even countries. In fact, there are many books written in English languages that are not translated. There are also many excellent fiction writers who remain unknown due to inability of people to understand English language. Therefore, acquiring the knowledge of English language, I can definitely widen my knowledge without being a frog living at the bottom of a well. In addition, benefit of learning English is that it will give me the ability to have a smooth tour. Most of the airports, banks, and hotels have English speaking staff and use English signs to guide people. It is an

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