Benefits Of Illegal Immigration

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Professor Bailey Written Composition October 24, 2012 Illegal Immigrants Help More than they Hurt Going back in history you probably can recall that America was founded by illegal immigrants. Without them who know if we would even be. So why are we so hard on the illegal immigrants now? They made a change once who’s to say they can’t and won’t do it again but things can only happen by opportunity and availability. We have the availability we just need to give them the opportunity. Instead of throwing every law and legalization process at them that we can think of we need to build them up and give them what they came for. The United States should give illegal immigrants the opportunity, benefits, and…show more content…
And will fight or help anyone together. So by us rejecting immigrants we are going against our constitution. We the people means all the people in the United States no matter where we are or where we come from if they are in the United States they are a part of us.“We the people” its not stating a specific race or ethnicity it is saying “all” so why discriminate against immigrants. We are only hurting ourselves saying we are not a country of our word and we are not united because we don't accept certain races. When other countries look at us and see how we treat illegal immigrants they say and that's what people call the world super power. If we were the world super power we would help people who come from another part of the world and seek for help. If we was the world super power when they come we wouldn't look down on them put labels on them and say you don't belong here and you are not apart of us. If we were a world super power we would accept them, no matter what's there ethnicity or where they come from, we would take them in as our own without having to take them through every loop we find to be free. If we are a world super power and a country of freedom we need to start acting like it or give our title to someone who deserve it. From what I see right now we are far from what we make people conceive us to

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