Benefits Of Illegal Immigration And Social Security

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Illegal Immigration and Social Security Are illegal immigrants helping or worsening our economy? Many people think that in fact illegal immigrants are helping our economy, especially in the financial health of Social Security. On the other hand, many think that illegal immigrants are taking the money away from legal citizens who have worked hard to deserve it. Illegal immigrants, should they be allowed to benefit from social security or not? Illegal Immigrants have been around for a long time. They are all here for the work, to have a better life and a better education for their sons/daughters. They take the works that many legal citizens are not willing to take, due to the low paying rates that the employees pay. According to the online…show more content…
Many illegal immigrants get benefit from SS by using illegal social security cards. “But because of so many illegal workers who use bogus Social Security cards to get jobs, billions of dollars of Social Security deductions are made each year as well as employer payments into Social Security on behalf of those workers” ( Many think that illegal immigrants should not get any benefit from the social security money because even though they do pay taxes to the government as any other legal citizen do they think that’s the price they pay for working illegally in the United States. “[Illegal immigrants] paid into the system simply because that was the price to pay to get a in the United States.” ( Also many believe that illegal immigrants get more benefits than what they deserve as "The average illegal immigrant family receives an average of $30,000 in governmental benefits! Yet they pay only about $9,000 in taxes per year. That creates a $21,000 shortfall that the American taxpayer has to make up. That's like buying each of the illegal immigrant families a brand new Mustang convertible -- each and every year!" ( other issue that some people argue is a treaty the government has with several countries where they pay Social Security benefits to those workers who can prove they have worked in the USA for a period of 18 months. The issue here is that some of the workers can be using illegal social security cards and still get benefits, which is what many are arguing. “…..Whatever country they came from and add the USA work history to equal 18 months, and bingo they are eligible for Social Security benefits. ….. Now honestly, do you really think we Americans would get the same response to benefits in those countries? America needs to
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