Benefits Of Human Resources Management Essay

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I knew that there were courses that are required but didn’t know if human resource management was one of them. On the first day of class I had my view of what the course should be but, to my surprise it was more in depth than I thought. The course opened my eyes to how human resources management works as far as managers, employees and sticking to laws for the companies they represent. As you read through my paper you will know where I gained knowledge and benefited from the information in this course. Looking back through the ten weeks of class I benefited from learning about how HRM deals with having employees (expatriate) transferring to another country. Employees have to deal with many changes when considering moving to another country like culture, religion and language. Another topic is the regulations and laws that HRM has to abide by in order for the company to be successful with audits and employees. Finally, this course also opened my eyes to union and non-union employees with the pros and cons of being in a union and being a part of a non-union. The affects of taking human resources management course it showed me how things happen and work within human resources. This course provided me with valuable information that I will keep with me in my professional development as well as personally. Human resource management encouraged me to ask questions to my human resources group. It allowed me to get hands on experience with them and understand the tough decision they have to make for my company. I also decided to do more research so that I can understand completely all the roles of human resources and see how they work. Human resource management course is a great course to take because you can see how things from both sides as an employee, manager, and an HR

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