Benefits of Foreign Languages Essay

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eiThe benefits knowing foreign languages Language is our primary means of communication between peoples. Obviously, language is transmitted through learning in our daily lives. Languages allows us to communicate with other people. Without communication there is no contact is possible and for good communication. This is because there are so many languages, however people around the world would have a difficult time understanding one another. Therefore, please bear in mind that it is important to know foreign languages is to communicate with people whose cultures different from us. It is straightforward and clear that it is beneficial to us to know foreign languages. There are currently 6912 living languages in the world with 512 on the brink of extinction. Mandarin Chinese is the largest native language in the world whereas English in the largest non native speaking languages in the world. Learning foreign languages is an investment for the future that can produce many benefits whether it is for our travel, better advantages to grab opportunities, culture and food, improve and increase native languages and able to communicate with relatives and friends. Is very important to know many foreign languages if you travel in all parts of the world. While traveling to a foreign country, it is good to know their languages to communicate with the surrounding people. Although English is an international language, there are some of the country people who do not really know how to speak English. There are many English speakers who seem to believe that wherever they go to the holiday, they can speak English everywhere you go, so there’s been no point to learn any other languages. But some foreign people they don’t really understand English very well. For example, some of the Chinese people from Malaysian do not really know how to speak English very well. This is because they
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