Benefits of Distance Education Essay

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Benefits of Distance Education I believe that distance education is beneficial for many reasons. I am a strong advocate for distance learning because I am not within driving distance of the college, and being able to get my work done online has been great. I am able to work and progress my education simultaneously without having to worry about coming on campus every day. With Distance education you are able to plan around your daily schedule, which is great for students working jobs, or supporting families. My father is a prime example of why distance education is good for many people. As a single father, he didn’t have time to go on campus. He worked a full time job and was also enrolled in online classes working towards his PhD. He was able to work his job, and plan time to get his studies done. Without the recent surge of online education, I doubt that my father would have been able to continue his education and reach the level that he is at today. Having a good example of how a person can be successful with distance education is what convinced me to get enrolled. Another benefit to online learning, is not having to worry about how you are perceived by other students. Many students do not speak up in on-campus classes because they do not want to draw attention to themselves. In online classes, there is no one to judge you. You are able to contribute to your class and voice your opinion without worry. This is beneficial for many students that don’t necessarily feel comfortable speaking up in front of others Distance education has many benefits for students of all types. Being able to learn while charting out your schedule on your own terms is great. I know I can be successful in distance education and it will help me reach my goal of furthering my

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