Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Essay

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SWOT Dermatoglyphics refers to the branch of science in the study for patterns of skin ridges present on fingers, palm, toes and soles of a human being. The importance of finger tips prints in this modern world is not restricted to the field of only forensic or criminal application; but used as a tool to describe and compare at times the occurrences for biomedical events and is the best way to personalize identification. In order to find out about the resources, options and internal changes in human beings; SWOT analysis is conducted. Strengths The major strength is it helps to identify the characteristics hidden and to self-evaluate the compatibility to disclose him to perform well, prefer to endeavour for new skills. The finger tips of every single person differ from another; the style, striae, height, density of the point is not same. This transform the learning ability and the amount of brain cells helped to understand the multiphasic intelligence of a person. Comprehensive method for understanding accurately one’s intelligence level and the most effective learning style is calculated. Objectivity in dermatoglyphics is commonly used to move forward within the cultural background and results are not based on the environmental and emotional factors [ (Rodriguez, 2009) ]. The genetic stability or the information on the finger tips revelaed that basic information about a person thought and that will never change. The intrinsic style along with thinking approach is changed. The dominant intelligence and the preferred communication style of learning is revealed. It helps you to discover your genius and channelize the passion of student. Rearrange the workforce for better performance Weaknesses Dermatoglyphics are used by some practitioners as a fortune teller. This rhythm is increasingly applied despite the fact the increase of technology and the training

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