Benefits of Chewing Essay

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BENEFITS OF CHEWING You love to chew gum because it tastes great and freshens your breath , but did you know there may be additional benefits to chewing gum ? Chewing Gum Benefits for Teeth Many chewing gums have Xylitol in them. Because of this, the presence of the bacteria is reduced to a great extent. Five minutes of chewing a gum, which is sweetened with Xylitol will greatly reduce harmful effects of bacteria. The acids secreted by harmful bacteria tend to dissolve the teeth. This is a very slow process, but over a period of time, they are bound to cause lot of damage. The habit of chewing gum will definitely reduce this damage. Tooth decay is significantly prolonged because of this habit. Chewing gum also relieves stress on sinus. This is due to continuous jaw movement. Chewing provides a good way to exercise jaw muscles. Number of tooth cavities are also reduced if the person is chewing gum very frequently. Chewing Gum Health Benefits By now, we know that chewing gum has many benefits for teeth, but we must also take a look at other health benefits. First of all, it improves memory. The cognitive power is enhanced manifolds due to chewing gum ( who knew that!). Glucose level in the body increases due to chewing gum. Well, glucose is fuel for the brain, isn't it? If your brain is getting its fuel, obviously alertness and concentration are bound to improve. Chewing gums are proven stress busters. Psychologists have repeatedly highlighted this fact. Chewing gums trigger relaxed and satisfied feelings. The continuous chewing of gum will subside the craving for indulging in untimely snacks. This will keep your weight in check as well. What more, chewing gums burn more calories than it gives. (it give 10 and burns about 12). The continuous chewing of gum secretes more saliva. Hence digestion is improved. Apart from all this, its just fun to have

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