Benefits Of Business Magazines Essay

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When I finished high school, I wanted to pursue a course related to computer skills and technology but wasn’t sure what I want to do with it afterwards. While in college I was able to get some ideas on how I could use my skills for the improvement of business organizations. First, I started reading business articles regarding how some organizations are using and embracing technology to solve business problems. Since last year, I made a resolution to buy and read Bloomberg Business Week as a way to capitalize on gaining a wide knowledge of today’s business world. To start with, one of the major benefits I’ve had from reading the magazine is that it helps me know more about the outside world. I obtain knowledge about how other people are doing and what works or doesn’t work for them. Often it gives me information about certain form of business that I didn’t even know existed. Reading business magazines help me see the diversity and richness of the business world. I tend to see business only from my perspective and my way of doing things. I’m able to see there are different ways to achieving the business objectives. I’ve learned to think actively as I read the magazines and there are many lessons and ideas to obtain. Trying to connect whatever is in the magazine with my own business and situation. I found clever things that other people do that I should adopt. Doing this will give me fresh ideas and a fresh perspective to do something new in my own business. There is detailed analysis of trends and cycles various businesses to follow. In such magazines, there are experts’ opinions and tips regarding some intricate issues of a particular type of profession. Regarding the business consultation, I’m able to check the corporate magazine to get the advice of the experts. I get the advice of the experts without paying the

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