Benefits Of African American Culture

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Survival is something that many of us have as a natural instinct. Including preventative health but, there are some who really could use some type of education. For example; when you know you need to have money for food, rent, and other basic needs, then you will go out and get a job and make money. Some will know that if they are not making enough funds to cover their needs then it would be a positive effect to go and increase your education. Everyone should look at health the same way, if you know your body needs certain things to remain healthy then take better control of yourself like maintaining preventative health care. If you are not sure how to do that then go out and get an education that will give you more knowledge to take better…show more content…
Culture could play a huge part in the development of America. The traditions have been past down from generation to generations, good or bad. They are what defined us as a culture. Culture could simply mean a community or a way of life with no ethnicity involve. It could be a culture of brotherhood or sisterhood. I say this only to make the point that we all understand culture and rather you believe or not traditions that you inherited in that culture you have carry with you through life. 99% of the time you would have passes this tradition down to you son or daughter and them to theirs. This starts a cycle or a pattern. I feel confident enough to say that the African American culture has these same traditions some good and some bad. There are many traditions or cycles that we have but, the one I am explaining is the lack of knowledge when it comes to health care. Using the disparities and competency of my cultural the model and assessment information is valid. Irene Fraser and Cindy Brach from the agency for healthcare research and quality, identify nine cultural models “competency techniques: interpreter services, recruitment and retention policies, training, coordinating with traditional healers, use of community health workers, culturally competent health promotion, including family/community members, immersion into another culture,…show more content…
Some insurance company will make you go through a course with a trained nursed over the course of several days or several weeks before they will okay procedures or payment on some illness. I really believe that this is a good way to not only start managing the rate of fatalities due to lack of knowledge but braking the cycles that most families carry by allowing the individual to become more responsible in responding to the nurse to find out all they can for their situation. It makes them feel more in control and you will find that more and more people will continue to use this type of set for future issues that may

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