Benefits Of Military Training

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For some military training is not appealing or plausible. The discipline, routine, and taking orders. It is just to much, but for those willing to undergo the training process the knowledge and benefits gained will benefit them for the rest of their lives and may even help to keep them alive a little longer. The military offers hand to hand combat training that will assist a trainee in surviving a serious hand to hand combat scenario. Hand to hand skills are an essential part of survival training. Guns or knives may be lost or broken and it is very important to have other defense skills to fall back on. The hand to hand Combat training process contributes to individual strength, confidence, and fitness. The training teaches how to exploit weaknesses in your enemy, and how to defend against many different kinds of attacks as well as weapons. Military training prepares an individual, mentally for almost any survival situation. It teaches not just that a trainee can survive, but that they will survive One of the most powerful resources at a trainees disposal is sheer will. The “US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76” references a case in which a man was stranded in the desert for eight days with no food or water, the man had no formal survival training and he didn’t do anything he the way he should have. But he wanted to survive and through sheer willpower he did survive. Military training teaches a trainee to cope with two of the most dangerous obstacles in a survival situation. The desire for comfort, and the passive outlook. The desire for comfort is strong in humans, but trainees are taught to look at the bigger picture. No matter the discomfort that they may be feeling it is nothing compared to the discomfort they will endure if they are captured by an opposing force. The other danger, the passive outlook, can be severely detrimental to an individual’s survival
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