Benefit Of Fracking Essay

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Benefits of Fracking Fracking could change the way Americans live. Hydraulic fracturing is an extraction process used to get natural gas, oil and geothermal energy. The drillers, drill thousands of feet down through the bedrock and then inject a mixture of chemicals and grit into shale below. The mixture fractures the rock, allowing natural gas to seep back out through the drill hole. Even though there are people against fracking, the opposites consider that it could be good because it will create jobs, Americans could have their own energy and the U.S.A will use less coal. People who are against fracking claim that it has negative environmental consequences. The drillers use acids such as Boric Oxide and Hydrochloric that are used to clean swimming pool filters. Moreover, they use detergents one of them is Sodium Hydroxide.pH buffer. It is very corrosive and causes severe burns. It is very harmful by skin contact or by inhalation of dust. This cocktail together is used for getting into the ground and then it contributes to global climate change creating air pollution. They argue that fracking harms the environment and can hurt other living species such as bird, and fish. All of this is true; however, natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel and it has other advantages. One reason fracking should be allowed is the jobs it creates. The fracking industry employs engineers, truck drivers, office administrators, construction workers, geologist, and well drillers, and the list is too large to include.…show more content…
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