Bend It Like Beckham Is Not Just An Entertaining Movie

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‘Bend it Like Beckham’ is a very successful, British movie directed by Gurinder Chadha. In deciding whether or not ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ isn’t just an entertaining movie, many points on both side of the argument have to be considered such as the different themes or what were the purpose in making the film. One of the main points that Bend it Like Beckham isn’t just an entertaining movie, is the fact that cultural expectations are shown throughout the movie. Both parents of the two main characters (Jess and Jules) have very strict expectations towards their daughter’s future. Jules’s parents want their daughter to be pretty, feminine, and to eventually marry, whilst, Jess’s parents want their daughter to have fashy jobs, stick to tradition and marry too. Jess’s mother’s first appearance clearly shows how disapproving and negative she is towards soccer during an interview. Here, a close-up view of her face is taken where she furiously says, “Not at all!” This clearly shows that ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ is not just an entertaining film but also a film about cultural expectations. Another point in favor is this movie not being just an entertaining movie is that one of its morals is to follow your dreams. This suggests that no matter how much the odds are against you, if you keep on trying eventually you will own it. This moral has played a major role in making this a very inspirational movie. Jess and Jules have to bend the rules, in order to get what they want. This ‘bending the rules’ is similar to the title ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ just like how Beckham is able to bend his kicks. Jess would take the advantage of running to a soccer game when her parents are away from the house. Before, leaving the she would look at the painting of Guru Nanak or at Beckham. A close-up and zooming is normally used to view the two paintings. This symbolises that they are like a god

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