Bend It Like Beckham

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Bend it like Beckham is a film that was written, directed, and produced by Gurinder Chadha, a British film maker who grew up in India. The film focuses on the main character's desire to play football and the conflict she faces due to her obligations to her traditional Sikh family. As Jess struggles to find her own identity without losing her family she friends a British footballer Juliet. Jules parents offer something different, showing that although cultures may be different - they are actually very similar in others. In addition to the film the director has use a various amount of film techniques- there had been a climax point for Jess either her family or Football, a close up to Jess whether she should lie about soccer and a trip of a lifetime. We all have a passion, we all love to do something nobody does compare to you. Yellow is bright it makes you happy- this sparks up an idea . "Jules asked me to play football for a real team *Hounslow Harriers* Mr and Mrs Bhamra say *no* but she states a point " I really love playing football, I really do it’s a dream come true- it’s magical a Real life playing field a proper coach and team-mates what’s more to offer. During the thought of the large playing field one of the highlight film techniques were tracking the field this emphasis memories are going to be made. If Jess never did what makes her happy her life forms wouldn't be where she is now. By looking back at the film she got invited by Jules she had a smile to die for she couldn't believe it was real. At this time Chadha gave in using a long shot film technique giving in whether Jess should accept this or not. By watching this film it now value that as a student you’re making your own decisions, stepping up to face new challenges. You are tomorrow faces. This strongly brings me to a point that you have entered a multi-cross curricular school. It’s not all
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