Bend It Like Beckham Essay

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Bend it like Beckham A resume: Jesminder Bhamra is an 18-year-old girl who lives in Hounslow in west London with her parents and her sister pinky. Jess want to be a football player, but she cannot, because she is a female and her parents do not allow her to play, they want her to get married and become a lawyer. However, she sometimes plays in the park with some boys and her good friend Tony. One day Jules discovers Jess' skills, she invites Jess for a try out for her local team, the Hounslow Harriers, what is coached by Joe. Jess lies to Joe about her parents letting her play. After a while Jess and Jules becomes best friends. Pinky let jess travel with the team to Hamburg, and wins the game against the German team. But at the end of the night jess and Joe are about to kiss when Jules, who also has a crush on Joe, interrupts them, and runs away. When jess comes home from Germany, her parents already know that she has been in Germany and not with her sister pinky. Jess' parents find out the truth, that she has been playing on the team. They become more strict, and they ensuring that she does not attend to matches. Meanwhile, the elder Bhamras are distracted by the preparations for the upcoming wedding of their older daughter, Pinky, who is going to marry Teetu. When Jess arrives at Jules' house to try to fix the friendship, but Mrs. Paxton misunderstands it and thinks that they are in a lesbian relationship. The final is held on the day of Pinky's wedding. Joe pleads Mr. Bhamra to allow Jess to play, but he refuses. He does not want Jess to suffer as he did when he was kicked out of a cricket club because of his race. Joe accepts that Jess will not play, and the final begins without her. Halfway through Pinky's wedding ceremony, Tony convinces Mr. Bhamra to allow Jess to play. Tony drives Jess to the final. Thanks to Jess and Jules' skills, the Harriers reach

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