Bend It Like Beckham Essay

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How does the film suggest that you have to break rules in order to achieve your dreams? "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill is a non-fiction writer of the philosophy of achievement. His once inconceivable dream of becoming a famous author was successfully accomplished. Likewise in the 2002 film Bend it like Beckham, the director Gurinder Cadha signifies the importance of dreams. Good morning, I will be analysing the concept, that one must often break rules in order to achieve ones dreams. To present this suggestion Chada uses themes, characters and brilliant cinematography. Chada portrays clear themes in the visual text to encourage viewers to persevere and follow their dreams, even if it means breaking the rules. The main character Jesminder Bhamra is an Indian girl whose dream is to play soccer professionally. Throughout the text Jess is always facing unique situations that stop her from playing football. She displays perseverance when doing extra laps as a punishment from her coach, Joe. Jess disobeys when told to stop running or she will cause herself an injury, but she will not stop running until she completes the laps. This scene shows the risks one must face in order to achieve your ambitions. Jess disobeys her parents many times throughout the text to do what she enjoys the most, playing soccer. The director has created unique and humorous characters to compete with jess’s strong desire to do the things she loves. Jess’s mother Mrs Bhamra has the biggest impact on her life. Mrs Bhamra being a traditional Indian parent pushes her conventional expectations onto her daughters who were born into a different cultural world, so she hopes to grow her children in the same Indian culture that she was raised in. Her mother says: "Who'd want a girl who plays football all day but can't make chapattis?"

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