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Running head: Benchmarking Presentation Executive Summary MBA/530 Human Capital Development As one already knows, it can be difficult to merge two competitors in the race for being the best of the best. With the acquisition and mergers of Oracle and PeopleSoft (high profile software companies) and Blackboard and WebCT (education software companies) it was easy to find tension and conflict in the decisions to merge. Blackboard and WebCT had an easier merge then Oracle and PeopleSoft. Blackboard and WebCT had excellent communication channels where Oracle and PeopleSoft went through rigorous combative phases before they could reach an agreement in their merge. In the Inter Clean scenario, there was a division of cultures that when merged needed to form a new and improved one. InterClean and EnviroTech can learn from these four companies what should and should not take place. CEO of Oracle, Ellison, stated that they spoke with PeopleSoft to buy the company but were unable to agree on any structure. While Ellison told this to the public, a spokes person for PeopleSoft disputed this information, stating that “We never discussed the sale of PeopleSoft or a merger of the two companies.” “What we did talk about was Oracle exiting the applications business and selling their applications business to us.” (CNET) Unlike Oracle and PeopleSoft, Blackboard and WebCT were on the same page. These two companies reached an agreement with merging and decided to take the best attributed of each of the companies and combine them to create a whole new product set and new culture for their employees. They were focused on becoming educators on a global basis. While these two companies realized a dream together, Oracle and PeopleSoft were the opposite. A bid was placed on the buying out of PeopleSoft at the same time PeopleSoft was making an offer on another

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