Benchmarking Global Communications Essay

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Global Communications Benchmarking MBA 500 University of Phoenix September 26, 2007 Synthesis of Key Findings Many organizations in the world face challenges like Global Communications. When reviewing the different challenges that Global Communications encounters looking at other companies that have dealt with similar situations can be benchmarked and reviewed to analyze and come up with the best resolution. In September 2003, at the UAW national contract negotiations, Ford announced its intentions to close about four of its automotive plants, including the Lorain Assembly Plant in Lorain, OH. The reason for the closures was “part of Ford’s worldwide plan to improve efficiency” (Sakal, 2005, ¶ 6). Since the plant was not scheduled to be closed for another two years, the end of 2005, Ford showed integrity in allowing the union to work on negotiating the contract to reflect the upcoming closures and layoffs. Announcing the intentions at the union negotiations allowed the UAW to work with Ford to determine a long term outcome for the company and union. The Lorain and Avon Lake plants merged together with the goal of increased efficiency. One of the benefits the workers of the Lorain plant was being a member of the UAW, United Auto Workers, union. Per the 2003 UAW labor agreement, No worker can be laid off for more than 48 weeks for volume-related reasons – a decline in sales or production – during the four-year life of the agreement. In addition, the Supplemental Unemployment Benefits program provides income maintenance to laid-off workers, as well as employer-paid health insurance for up to 24 months for workers on layoff status (UAW, 2007). This part of the contract between the UAW and Ford is referred to UAW-Ford Guaranteed Employment Level. Even with the contract’s protection, employees can still be laid off from plant

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