Ben Ohau Lodge Case Analysis

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1. Identify the likely characteristics of the market segment being targeted by the company. 2. Why most are target customers likely to be foreigners than New Zealanders? 3. Suggest what expectations target customers are likely to have regarding the quality, reliability and range of services. 4. What are the implications for Ben Ohau Lodge? 5. How difficult is it for Ben Ohau Lodge to undertake market research? Elaborate. 1. Identify the likely characteristics of the market segment being targeted by the company. In book Basic Marketing in Chapter 4 I have learned about Market Segment book describes marketing segment as “A Marget Segment is a relatively homogeneous group of customers who will respond to a marketing mix in a similar way.” In Case 1 Ben Ohau Lodge provided services for similar category of people like: Presidents, playboys, etc Also customers of Ben Ohau Lodge desired to escape from everyday life pressure and escape in a peace which designed and created specifically for their needs and minds as mentioned in case 1. From description above this is a homogeneous group of people who responded to a marketing mix similar way. Also as I read in the book there are three basic ways to develop market oriented strategies in a broad product market. Ben Ohau Lodge used single target market approach segmenting the market and picking one of the homogeneous segments as the firm’s target market. Also I have read that there are three groups of homogeneous submarkets 1 its status oriented, 2 dependability oriented and 3 demanders. I would say that customers who used and needed service of Ben Ohau Lodge were people from group Demanders. Also not all individuals have similar needs even if they have similar status. For example in case Ben Ohau Lodge we can see that managing director developed different kind of activities for different demands on page 653, we see

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