Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc.

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Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. Any organization that operates in a given society should contribute to the development of the society in one way or another. This is considering the fact that the society has provided the organization with the resources and environment necessary to facilitate its production activities. Social contributions can be in form of support of development activities in the society such as provision of schools fees to the poor children in the region. In addition, the social contributions by an organization can aim at improving the welfare of the employees. Any form of payment to insurance companies in coverage of the employees is a form of social contribution. The employees also receive scholarships to improve their skills through educations. In addition, organizations usually contribute funds to ensure that their employees will receive their retirement benefits after they retire from work. All these are forms of social contributions by an organization. Ben and Jerry have incurred social costs in a variety of ways. The organization has been giving out 7.5 percent of their untaxed revenue to organizations that are aimed at ensuring that the society experiences an improvement in the welfare. In addition, the taxes that Ben and Jerry Company pay to the government facilitate the provision of various services to the people which improves the welfare of the society. All these costs affect the economic costs of Ben and Jerry Company. Since organizations aim at maximizing profits, social costs reduce the profits that the organizations earn. This is because profits are the difference between the total revenue and the total costs of an organization. Increasing the social costs of an organization increases the total economic costs hence reducing the profits of an organization. The social costs of an organization also imply

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