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Ben Franklin & His Fight To Abolishment Essay

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  • on January 1, 2011
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Ben Franklin & His Fight to Abolishment

Benjamin Franklin was against slavery because he wanted everybody to be equal, wanted to help African Americans, and overall   had a big heart to everyone. Ben Franklin had probably the biggest, most loving hearts out of all the founding fathers. He didn't just care about himself or his family, he cared about everyone and equality for everybody. Ben thought everyone should be treated equally and have equal right. He was an abolitionist and played a very big role in the abolishment of slavery.
As a young boy Franklins family owned many slaves. He was around slaves 24/7, and hated every minute of it. He would write papers about someday having a nation with no slavery. One paper Ben wrote in 1751 was titles "Oberservations on the Increase of Mankind", and was mainly about getting rid of slavery on economic grounds. Ben Franklin made a statement in 1772 which argued against Britain's "foisting" of the slavery in America.
Franklin dealt with slavery in many ways, him and his wife Deborah enrolled their slaves in school and felt that black children were just as bright as while children. Franklin and Deborah suggested that a committee of twenty four people should set up a guide to free slaves. The group would instruct slaves how to teach their children a trade, get them employment and education, and give them the same right as everyone else. Ben acted as an outspoken opponent for slavery to the congress . Franklin wrote a petition to " promise mercy and justice towards this distressed race" on February 3, 1790. This petition was immediately denounced by pro-slavery congressmen, and both the Senate and the House took no parts in Franklins petition.
Ben Franklin was nominated President of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society in 1787. The Society not only tried to abolish slavery, but also tried to intergrade freed slaves into society and get them jobs. The Society also took part in the petition to abolish slavery as...

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