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Ben Franklin is well-known for being on the hundred dollar bill. He has a huge impact on us today. Ben was the person who created the thing that people adore; electricity. To this day his creation still means a lot to us. Although Ben Franklin created the idea of electricity, electricity is used quite different today. Created in 1752, Franklin used his famous kite experiment and proved that lightning was electricity. Currently, we don’t use a kite and key to get electricity, we have electric companies that distribute it out. Admiring Ben for what he did gives people the inspiration to invent new things! Ben Franklin the person who discovered electricity will be remembered in American History. His discovery made an impact. Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts to Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Abiah Franklin. Ben was the eighth child of ten from the same birth parents. From his father’s first marriage, he had seven siblings. Talk about a big family! Working as a candle and soap maker, Ben’s father wanted all of his sons to learn a trade. ( At the age of ten, Ben helped his father in his shop although; Ben’s father wanted him to enter the clergy. Quickly, he learned to read and write. Young Ben struggled in arithmetic. Ben, who was pulled out of school after only two years worked with his half brother James in his printing office as an apprentice at age twelve. He hated working with his brother because he got low pay and had to work for nine years straight. ( Quitting James’ printing business, Ben secretly wrote different types of letters using the name Silence Do Good and slipped them under James’ printing office door. Not knowing anything, James published them. Loving the articles, the people wondered who the author was. Since nobody knew

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