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January 17, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts, Josiah and Abriah had their 17th child Benjamin Franklin. Excelling at an early age in Grammar school, Josiah sent his youngest child to a writing and mathematics school. While Benjamin continued to excel in writing, he failed the mathematics portion of his schooling. When Benjamin was 10, he retired from his scholastic career to help his father's soap business. 2 years later, Franklin was persuaded by his older brother James (21) to become his printing apprentice. While working under his brother, Franklin became an avid reader by borrowing every book he could and perfected the art of debating by engaging in friendly deliberation with a friend named John Collins. Though the two friends lives sent the in separate directions, the years of debating in addition to Franklins love for reading assisted Franklin to greatly improved his writing. Franklin was so gear to began writing for his brothers newspaper that he would send anonymous letters to the company at night. multiple letters were published anonymously before he revealed himself as the writer. After sometime working for his brother, differences began to surface between James and Benjamin that caused him to flee to New York for a while then to Philadelphia in search of work in the printing business. After some time, Benjamin began working at Keimer's printing house. Later, Franklin obtained government support to run his own printing shop. Franklin went to London to obtain printing supplies where he found that the governor that promised him his own printing company lied to him. Stranded in London without work

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