Ben Carson - a Folktale Hero

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Ben Carson- A Folktale Hero Ben Carson is known for giving hope back to children and their loved ones when all hope is gone by touching cases that are ”inoperable” to give children a second chance at living. Through his childhood and continually through adulthood he shows determination to be and do his best every single day. This has impacted the community because he works to give families hope when they have none left; touching cases nobody else would, and working towards a common goal, to give dying children a second chance at life. Ben Carson wasn’t always the famed neurosurgeon he is today, he grew up in the ghetto of Detroit with nobody expecting him to be or do anything special. However, through determination to be and do his absolute best, he became something special. In fact, he attempts surgeries nobody else will touch in order to restore hope to children and their loved ones when hope is just a ghost lurking in the shadows of what used to be. “As a youngster, he was branded a failure. Thanks to his own determination and his strong religious faith however, he avoided becoming just another statistic, and is now an acknowledged expert in pediatric neurosurgery.” (Ben1). Carson had all the odds stacked against him from the ghetto, he was automatically a failure. Nobody expected him to be anything. However, he had a strong will and determination and a mother who cared, and avoided becoming just another statistic and instead he became a world renowned neurosurgeon with families from far and near seeking him to help them in their time of need. When Carson talks to young kids he always tells them, It’s important that you know there are many ways to go, there are opportunities everywhere, be willing to take advantage of them. Nobody was born to be a failure. If you feel you’re going to succeed – and you work your tail off- you will succeed.”(Ben3).

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