Beloved: A Review

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Most of the action takes place at 124 Bluestone Road, the address of a gray and white house outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The house had previously served as a way station, run by Baby Suggs, the mother-in-law of Sethe. At the time of the novel, Sethe, the main character, lives at 124 Bluestone. The novel is largely set in 1873, after the Civil War, but there are many flashbacks to a variety of times and places, including a Kentucky slave plantation called Sweet Home and a prison in Alfred, Georgia. Beloved opens with a description of the house at 124 Bluestone Road, which is supposedly haunted by the ghost of its inhabitant's deceased daughter. Sethe Suggs and Denver, her remaining daughter, live in the house and cope with the disturbances of the ghost. One day, Sethe comes home to find Paul D waiting for her. He is the last of the male slaves to survive after their escape from Sweet Home, the plantation in Kentucky where Sethe was also a slave eighteen years previously. When Paul D learns about the ghost haunting Sethe's house, he exorcises it. Sethe is so delighted to be rid of the ghost that she invites Paul D to stay with her. Denver, however, is very unhappy, for her ghost sister had been her only friend. She also feels that Paul D is stealing her mother away from her. Paul D and Sethe spend time talking about the past. Sethe does not know what happened to her husband, Halle, on the day all five of the adult slaves were supposed to run away from Sweet Home. Paul D tells her the last time he saw Halle he had clabber all over his face from the butter churn. He adds that Halle had lost his mind. Sethe then tells Paul D what happened to her on the day she was to run away from Sweet Home. Schoolteacher, the slaveholder, had watched while his nephews took the pregnant Sethe to the barn to abuse her and suck the milk from her breasts. When she told Mrs.

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