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Jerrie Dickerson Joyce Keitel English 112 13 December 2010 Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” In 1988 Toni Morrison received a Nobel Prize for literature for her book Beloved published in 1987, based on a true story of Margaret Garner. The character in the book Sethe is a female African American slave that escaped from Sweet Home plantation in Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio in in 1873 to be with her mother n law and two boys. Sethe was being haunted by the memory of her infant child whom she killed as a toddler. Seth’s inability to confront her past kept her and her daughter Denver from enjoying their lives as a free slave. Now that is a better thesis. The points aren’t evident, but the stance is. This novel takes place during the early 1800 post Civil War when African Americans were given freedom. Beloved represents a working out of subjectivity through the representation of history, a history so brutal and dehumanizing that it is unrepresentable, for a depiction of community, which is often torn apart by the circumstances of slavery, and a construction of identity”(Fuston White 493). During the time period in which this book was written there were still some forms of denials about racism. There still are people who think it is only of the past. Beloved is a work written to honor the sixty million or more Africans who were lost on the slave ship voyages during the dreaded Middle Passage. This tribute is vividly symbolized when Beloved returns to life via a pond, an appropriate image of rebirth and renewal (Watson). What many fail to realize it as an African American female they were more than just a slave of working in kitchen and fields. Black women were raped and constantly used as assembly lines for the production of more babies when it came to profits for the master (Watson), which was what made it much harder for a female slave. The women never really knew

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