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Throughout the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison there are many obvious motifs and symbols. Before reading the book, we think of it to be mainly about slavery but as the story progresses, we find it to also revolve around the supernatural world, the haunting of Beloved and the characters’ past. The disturbing feeling the audience gets from Beloved is Morrison’s way of connecting us deeper to the story and the characters. It’s almost as if the story itself is haunted. Sethe is the most dramatically effected by the horrors of her past. During her days of being a slave she was beaten so badly that she developed a growing scar on her back which she calls a “chokecherry tree. Trunk, branches, and even leaves. Tiny little chokecherry leaves but that was eighteen years ago. Could have cherries too for all I know.”(21) The scar is just another thing in Sethe’s life that she cannot see but knows will always be there. It has it’s own personality; growing on her and feeding off of her strengths and weaknesses. Her scar is a reminder of her past and will continue to haunt her. The hauntings go even further than the ghost of Sethe’s past, all the way to 124 where Denver, Sethe and Baby Suggs have been living with Beloved’s presence. It isn’t until the day that Paul D arrives that everything changes for the women in 124. He wants to rid the spirit as soon as he can, "God damn it! Hush up! Leave the place alone! Get the Hell out!" (22). This comes as a relief to Paul D but Denver, on the other hand, is saddened by this because Beloved had become her only friend. Beloved never actually left 124, she continued to haunt it and take advantage of Sethe, demanding unrealistic things. Sethe felt terrible for killing her daughter, Beloved, so she was willing to go to extremes to give Beloved whatever she wanted. Beloved is manipulative and knows how to get certain things."Anything

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