Belonging (St Patrick’s College) Essay

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Belonging (St Patrick’s College) Belonging is a dynamic perception which determines whether an individual is able to attain any personal or benefits. Here, within St Patrick’s College, Peter and his mother hold completely different perceptions regarding the impact of his belonging at St Patrick's College. Peter endures an unpleasant experience of being unable to fit in due to this mother’s imposing decision of enrolling him at this school. Skrzynecki conveys the ideas of alienation and disconnection through a variety of techniques. Peter Skrzynecki’s St Patrick’s College is a text which explores the concepts of belonging through the poet’s experience at school. School is thought to be a place which nourishes an individual and promotes one’s growth, sense of community and also identity. However Skryznecki challenges this idea through the depiction of his younger self where he struggles to develop a sense of connection and find his place within the school. The author creates a depressing and bleak atmosphere in order to express his current state of mind as he reminisces of the “eight years” he spent attending St Patrick’s College. Peter’s long and monotonous journey is illustrated through the repetitive phrase “for eight years”. When travelling to school, Peter’s inability to feel comfortable is indicated through the simile “Caught the 414 bus like a foreign tourist”. As a result of this comparison, Skrzynecki highlights his sense of alienation and displacement. Skrzynecki’s lack of direction and sense of insecurity is further emphasised with the statement “Uncertain of my destination”, revealing to the audience that despite following the same daily routine of travelling to school for a period of eight years, he is still unable to establish a sense of connection and belonging towards the school. Furthermore there is no reference to a single companion and this is

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